Ship Repair & Dockside Services

Cardinal Marine is a 24 hour/7 day full service marine topside repair company capable of providing support and services world-wide. Our management team has a combined 100 years ship repair and operations experience. Our mobile platform and support organization enables our crews to perform the largest or smallest of tasks that are required where it is logistically most beneficial to our clients. Our dedication to safety and excellence is a total commitment to our clientele.


Our Services Include:

  • Helideck repairs and new construction
  • Radar dome installations
  • Crane boom repairs
  • ROV & SAT installations
  • New & repairs of deck board construction
  • Sea fastening of equipment
  • Handrail and bulwark repairs 
  • Hull inserts and repairs
  • Thruster and propeller installation & repairs
  • In water stern tube seal replacements & bearing repairs
  • Sea chest, condensors and cooler installation
  • Load testing
  • Installation of life boat davits
  • In water rudder stock removal and repairs


It is our goal to safely provide superior quality repairs, services, and information at a substantial savings to the client thus making us more attractive than our competitors in the marketplace.


We specialize in mobilizations and demobilizations of OSV’s, OCV’s and Seismic Vessels with decades of successful projects.